Four Samoan Produced Podcasts You Should Listen To!


What better time for Samoans to be killing it in the realm of social media than now? I’ve noticed a steady increase in the presence of Samoan/Pasefika voices across several social media platforms, more specifically podcasts. In an age where your public relations and communications can be managed from the palm of your hand, it’s refreshing to see our own people independently create their own content. While we can think of viral Facebook pages and public figures on Twitter and Instagram, I am delighted to see Samoans emerging onto the podcast scene. Here is a look at some of my favorite programs!

1. Queer Coco

@queercoco on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

Queer Coco centers around the intersections of being Samoan and queer. Freshly started this January, our host ventures through taboo topics not widely discussed among our people. The testimonials from his guests as well as his own have an…

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