I’ve been forwarded the latest stats on the three strikes regime. This is for the period from June 2010 when it commenced to December 2019, so a period of nine and a half years. 12,045 first strikes463 second strikes (so 3.8% of 1st strikers have done a 2nd strike)14 third strikes (so 2.8% of 2nd…

Latest three strikes stat

James Clear’s website has a section where he’s shared transcripts from great speeches that we’ve likely never heard. I’ve been reading one speech every weekend over the past five and I’m grateful to him for the curation. Today, however, I found myself remembering the first one – The danger of single stories by Chimamanda Ngozi […]

The danger of single stories

In a world that produces more information than we can possibly consume, who do we listen to when the stakes are high? During COVID, governments have tried—with varying degrees of success—to define what we can and can’t do, but what’s missing are voices that guide us in the little things. For example, who answers when…

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